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Br3 Logistics is a Palletways dealer, the leading network in the express transport of palletized goods with partners in over 20 countries.


Shipment Of Pallets In Italy And Europe

Palletways, a leading company in the express pallet transport service, has strengthened its presence in Lombardy by entrusting the concession for the southern area of the province of Brescia to Festa Logistics. Being part of the Palletways network is not only a source of pride for our company that has been able to respond to the requests of the highest quality standards of the network, but also means being able to offer our customers a pallet shipping service that can cover the entire European territory.

Here Is A Short List Of Palletways Services:

Pallet Freight Transport

Br3 Logistics, a Palletways freight transport dealer, offers its customers a truly diverse range of services for shipping on pallets in Italy or abroad, offering professionalism, reliability and a very competitive price-quality ratio.